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Lead United States forces on the rise upon the east or defend the Archipelago on the Japanese side. Choose the right tactic of warfare and earn your stripes as an ingenious Commander at the "PACIFIC FRONT" by HandyGames!


1942 Pacific Front is the successor/sequel of the game 1941 Frozen Front

1942 Pacific Front - Official Gameplay Trailer

1942 Pacific Front - Official Gameplay Trailer

Mission Briefing:

  • FIGHT with powerful weapons like torpedoes & bombs!
  • TAKE OUT enemy positions with tanks & infantries!
  • BOMBARD hostile headquarters with might bomber wings!
  • SUPRISE the enemy with attacks from your submarine!
  • CLEAR beaches, lagoons & straits!
  • AMBUSH the enemy!
  • SUPPLY your army with goods, fuels & ammunitions!
  • DEFEND your aircraft carriers & battleships!

  • Rise as a glorious general in the Pacific War!
  • Lead powerful armies to victory!
  • Fight in epic sea battles!
  • Command unique special forces!
  • Prove your strategic genius in tense battles!
  • The outcome of the war lies in your hands!


  • Hot-Hand multiplayer battles
  • Hexagonal grid for the best overview possible
  • Turn-based strategy action set in World War 2
  • Historical U.S. & Japanese units
  • Infantries, Tanks, Warplanes, Battleships & Submarines for both fractions
  • Repairs, Camouflage & Fortifications of units during the battle
  • Detailed graphics & super-realistic sounds
  • Thrilling campaigns & challenging missions
  • Online multiplayer battles
  • Full tablet support
  • (Premium Only) Play without Ads!

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